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Physitrack Integration (Exercise Prescription)
Physitrack Integration (Exercise Prescription)

Boost patient outcomes with Better Clinics + Physitrack. Manage your health practice and monitor the entire patient journey.

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To get started you need to have both a Better Clinics and Physitrack account. 

Integration features

  • Any new clients added to Better Clinics will be added to Physitrack

  • Any existing clients within Better Clinics will start to sync across (we do this in batches and it might take up to 24 hours to get your complete client list across depending on the size of your client list in Better Clinics).  

  • After you linked your account, we suggest you add a new client in Better Clinics and then confirm that the client details are in PT and the sync is working

  • Once confirmed, you can create and assign your first workout program to that client within Physitrack.

  • When the new program has been assigned to the client within Physitrack, the new program will be sent back to Better Clinics and added to the client note section as a secure link. 

  • You can view this program, by going to your client list in Better Clinics. Select your client, go to the client details > Notes screen, and confirm pdf link for the program is available. See button ‘View Physitrack Program’

  • When the Button is clicked, the program will open as a PDF in a new browser tab. The link is a secure link on the Physitrack servers.

Tip: Mandatory client details needed - for us to add a client from your Better Clinics account to your connected Physitrack account, these client fields are mandatory in Better Clinics: Client First Name, Client Last Name, Client email, Client Gender, and Client DOB.

If you are connected to Physitrack and add a new client to Better Clinics without these details, you will be prompted to add them. You can skip adding the mandatory details, but that client won't be added to Physitrack.

STEP 1 - Get a Physitrack account

  • Register at Physitrack (Note: please email Physitrack if you have 10 or more practitioners in your clinic. You will be given access PT Direct, Physitrack’s system for managing multiple practitioners, at no extra charge.)

STEP 2 - Get the Physitrack API key

For normal Physitrack accounts

  • Go to My Account > Settings

  • Under Integrations, choose to synchronize your client data from Better Clinics > Click “Save changes”

  • Copy this API key (CMD/CTRL + C), as you will need to paste it into Better Clinics.

For PT Direct accounts

  • Go to the Practitioners page and select the practitioner for whom you wish to enable the Better Clinics integration Note: you’ll need to add your practitioners first, if you haven’t added any yet.

  • Click on the practitioner in question

  • Copy this API key (CMD/CTRL + C), as you will need to paste it into Better Clinics.

Troubleshooting existing connections: If already connected and you experience an unexplained issue you may need to refresh your API Key. This can be done in Physitrack by going to 'My Account' > Settings > Then click 'Regenerate' under the main API key > You will then need to click 'Disconnect' From the Better Clinics option above > and then copy and paste the newly regenerated API Key here where the previous key was just removed > then click 'Save'

Add the Physitrack API key to Better Clinics

  • Login as a parent/administrator user of Better Clinics.

  • Go to Settings > Integrations -> Health 

  • See the Physitrack integration. 

  • Select your country of origin from the ‘Country’ dropdown. This should be equal to the country in which you registered with Physitrack, e.g. or

  • Paste the API  key that you copied from the Practitioner details screen earlier. Click Save. 

  • Your accounts are now linked. 

Physitrack Workflow

  • Login to Physitrack using your Practitioner login details that were emailed to the you (the practitioner) on set up. 

  • You can see your clients in Physitrack that have been added from Better Clinics. Added clients will show in Physitrack practitioner's client's section . 

  • Click on a client and select Assign new program button.

  • All exercise programs are then displayed. Select a particular exercise to add to the program. 

  • Click on the shopping basket icon to open the program editor.

  •  The counter shows the number of unique exercises in an exercise program 

  • Edit the program as you see fit. 

  • You can add and change exercises. When you have completed editing the program, tap the Assign button in the top right corner.

  • Select a client to assign the exercise program.

  • Click on the Assign program to generate the 8-letter access code. 

  • If you have provided an email address for your client, the access code will automatically be sent.

  • The client now receives an email with their unique access code to access their program. 

  • Go to Better Clinics, select that client, and go to the notes section there is a note for that client about the program with a download link 

Special Pricing

As a Better Clinics user, you can save 40% and pay only $9.99p/m to subscribe to Physitrack! Just use the code BC40 to take advantage of this special pricing.

Not only will you save money on your Physitrack subscription, Better Clinics also offers a single sign-on feature that enables you to copy a client directly from Better Clinics to Physitrack in a new browser tab, without having to sign into Physitrack separately. Follow the steps below to set this up.

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