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Add Clients to your Better Clinics account quickly and with ease.

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Getting a list of clients and their details into Better Clinics is quick and easy using our import tool. 

  1. Go to Clients > Add Client > Import Template.

  2. The client import template will be downloaded to your device as an Excel (.xls) file. Fill in all relevant fields in each column for each client. First Name is mandatory.

  3. Go to Clients > Add Client > Import Clients OR Import your clients here

  4. Select your client list to import by either browsing for your Excel (.xls) file or drop/drag it onto the import canvas.

  5. Click 'Import'.

  6. Clients will be imported.

    1. You can then map the columns in your imported Excel to the fields you have in Better Clinics. 

    2. You can delete any rows you don't want imported by clicking the checkbox on the far left hand side. 

  7. Once you have completed the mapping click 'Import Selected', your clients will import.  

We provide instructions on the Import Clients screen so follow these to make sure you get your client information imported correctly and without error. You can even use the Sample Excel spreadsheet to collate your clients before you upload.

Note: We queue clients when importing. This means once you have mapped your clients to your columns and click 'Import', our service will import your client list 500 clients at a time until all of your clients are imported. Depending on the number of clients you have, this night take up to 30 mins (often much faster). When they have all been imported you will get an email, which includes a summary of the import and a list of any clients that failed. You can then fix the data up for that client and re-import.

Welcome Email
When you import clients they won't be sent any notifications, including a New Client Welcome Email if it is enabled in your account settings. 

Before you import your clients, make sure you set up your client database Custom Fields. 

With Better Clinics you can create your own database categories and fields. No 2 businesses are the same and this feature gives you total customisation around the data you collect on your clients. Set up your Custom Fields here, or read about our post to learn more about Custom Fields.

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