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Customise your Client Database Fields
Customise your Client Database Fields

Custom Fields allows you to completely customise the data you collect from your clients!

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Make it yours, create your own client database. You can add an infinite number of custom database fields that will then be displayed under your clients' details.

By default, Better Clinics has pre-made categories for you to complete for your clients. These include: Personal Details, Contact Details, Address Details and Work Details. Each category also has default fields available for you to use. You can re-order the client fields within each category by dragging them into the order you like.

In addition to the default client details that better Clinics offers, you can custom categories and fields to suit your business. For example, you can add custom fields for insurance details, marketing questions, exercise questionnaires, parent names etc!

Add a Custom Client Category and Custom Client Field:

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > Clients > Setup Client Fields

  3. Or you can go to your Client List, select a client. On the details screen hover over the pencil icon on the top right hand corner of each details box. When hovering over the pencil icon it should say manage. Click to open the Custom Client Fields page.

  4. The default categories will be listed.

  5. Add a Category Name in the “Add Category Name” field (e.g. Insurance). Click the green '+Add New Category' button to confirm.

  6. Choose the type of field from the drop down menu

  7. Add a Field Name (e.g. Insurance Company) and Placeholder

  8. Add as many Field Names as you would like by clicking on the '+ Add New Field' button (e.g. Case Manager, Contact Number). You can order these fields by dropping and dragging them.

  9. You can also add Field's to pre-existing or default categories by clicking the edit button to the right of the category name and following the same steps.

  10. Save

Once saved this Custom Field will appear on all your Clients' Details screen.

Edit a Custom Client Field

  1. Go to Settings > Clients > Setup Client Fields 

  2. Select the Field or Category to edit, make the edit, and Save.

Deactivate a Custom Client Field

  1. Go to Settings > Clients > Setup Client Fields

  2. Select the deactivate button beside the field or category you wish to deactivate.

  3. To re-activate a field, click the 'Activate' button.


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