Once you've connected your Better Clinics account to your MailChimp account, Better Clinics will automatically send across newly added clients to MailChimp every 30 minutes. There's nothing else required from you. Just log in to your MailChimp account and you'll see you clients' first name, last name and email added to your nominated subscriber audience (or list).

Newly added clients in Better Clinics will be sent across to MailChimp every time. No double entry of data required.

Connect your Better Clinics & MailChimp Accounts

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations > MailChimp

  2. You will see 2 fields within the MailChimp area - API Key & Audience ID.
    You will need to get these details from your MailChimp account (don't worry, it's simple)

  3. Log in to your MailChimp account. 

  4. Go to Account > Extras > API Keys and Authorised Apps. 

  5. Click Add a Key. MailChimp will generate a long sequence of numbers and letters, this is your API Key.

  6. Copy and paste this into the Better Clinics field API Key

  7. Now, after that is done return to your MailChimp account. We now need to get the Audience ID.

  8. Go to Audience (or list) in MailChimp

  9. Create a new Audience (or list) by clicking the button Create Audience

  10. Complete the steps outlined by MailChimp to create a new Audience

  11. Once finished, go to the Audience Settings > Audience Settings and Unique ID

  12. At the bottom, you will see a unique id for Audience (or list) "Your Audience Name" , copy and paste this into the Audience ID fields within Better Clinics.

  13. Save

  14. Better Clinics and MailChimp are now connected. 

  15. Wait for a short time and your clients will be added to your MailChimp account.

Here are the instructions from MailChimp on finding your API Key 

Here are the instructions from MailChimp on finding an Audience ID

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