What is Better Clinics?

Online practice management software for health and fitness professionals.

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Better Clinics is online practice management software for allied health professionals. From scheduling to managing your finances – you can do it all on a single platform.

As a PPMP product, Better Clinics has the serious backing needed to make it a leading solution. PPMP is Australia's leading practice management system for patient and practice administration.

Better Clinics Features:

  • Appointment scheduling.

    • Powerful scheduling software that streamlines your operations with automatic appointment reminders. Online scheduling software to help you manage your calendar efficiently. Book appointments, schedule your team, and generate 24/7 bookings from your website. Save time with automated SMS appointment reminders. Learn more >

  • Online booking.

    • 24/7 online booking that lets potential clients book appointments on your website in just a few clicks. Learn more >

  • Customer management.

    • A secure, CRM database with client contact details, documents and appointment notes to prepare you for every appointment. A secure patient management system in a central location. With your information in one place, you’re ready to transform your client’s experience. Learn more > 

  • Invoicing & cash flow software to keep your practice running smoothly.

    • Record payments, manage invoicing and track expenses on the go! Generate reports in seconds and access the dashboard for a snapshot of your cash flow. Generate 40+ reports or view the dashboard for a real-time snapshot of sales. Learn more >

  • Digital marketing tools that help you attract and retain clients.

    • Use SMS and email marketing to engage and grow your customer base. Create automatic appointment reminders to improve your service and reduce no-shows. Communicate with clients via SMS or email directly from the platform. Connect to email marketing platforms like MailChimp. Learn more >

  • Team Management.

    • Manage multiple practitioners, services, and pricing with ease. Set up multiple logins with individual user permissions to control access. Learn more >

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