You can view your Calendar by either Business or Location.

In each Location, you can choose to view the calendar of All Team Members, or select the individual team member’s calendar.

You can view the calendar as Today, Day, Week or Month. To set up a default Calendar view, go to Settings > General > Calendar

Upper left part of the calendar will show the name of your clinic/s. (It will show different tabs per clinic and an option to view 'ALL'.)

Just under the clinic name tab is the current month and year and arrows to let you go back to previous month and to go to the next month. 

Right side of this tab will let you select your calendar view from 'Today', 'Day', 'Week or 'Month'. Week view can give you an option to remove days you don’t want to see (e.g. not working on Saturday or Sunday). To do this you can click here or go to Settings > General > Calendar.

'Team Leave' will give you a view of all the team members on leave on a monthly view. 

Left Hand panel can be revealed or hidden by clicking the arrow pointing left.

8 months will be displayed on this top left portion of the page. The top 8 months, will show 2 months back, current month and 5 months forward. When a month is selected the calendar will update to this month selected.

'Filter Team' displays ALL option and then the team members. ALL is default view, if team members are deselected they will be removed from the calendar.

Reorder team members on the calendar.  
In the side panel, under Team Member list, click ‘Reorder’.
A popup will show your team members
Reorder the team members or you can also drag and drop the team members.
Note: Alphabetical order would still be default.
Click Save. 

At the bottom, we have appointment type filters for Single/Group bookings and appointment payment status Paid/Unpaid.

Within the appointments displayed on the calendar we have Status Icons to help quickly understand key elements of each appointment. 

Status Icons display:
Payment Status of appointment
Recurring appointments
Online booking - shows appointments made by clients using online booking
Empty circle - group appointment with spots available.
Full circle - group appointment full, no spots available.
New - displays when it the client's first ever appointment - so you know when then attend the clinic you can give them the very best client experience.

Timeline on today's calendar view

Once you click the 'Today' view, your name and team members names will show per column. Just below the names will be a Notes Icon, if you click this icon there will be a pop up for you to type a note. Font style and changes will also be available to personalize the note. Hit 'Save' once done.

A number will show beside the Notes Icon to show how many appointment/s a specific person has for the day.

Hourly schedule from 12AM up to 11PM will show per row on the left side of the page.

A person's name will be grayed out if not available on a specific time.

It will appear blank if there is no appointment or schedule but may click to add a new appointment.

If there is an appointment, time and client name will show and when you click it, further details will appear (if appointment is paid/unpaid), Edit option is also available. A client note icon can also be clicked and a detailed information of the client will pop up.

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