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Manage the Payment Options you accept

Add the payment options you accept from clients and record them on invoices

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When you create an invoice for a sale (Appointment or Merchanise) in Better Clinics, you'll need to record the method that your clients paid you with e.g. Cash, Visa, MasterCard, HICAPS or AMEX. 

These payment methods are set by you and can be as simple or thorough as you like. 

When you take payment from a client on the payment screen, the select the payment option that the customer paid with and the amount. If they have paid using multiple payment methods you can record split payments also. 

Any payments you accept and record on invoices will appear in your Banking Report to make daily bank reconciliation easier. Review the report and see takings by payment method.

Add Payment Options:

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > Clinic > Payment Options

  3. Go to the Payment Options box

  4. By default, Better Clinics has Eftpos, Cash, Direct Debit and Health Fund listed as patient options.

  5. To Add a payment option, click the red '+Add' button in the top right hand corner of the box. A new row will appear for you to add your payment option to.

  6. You can edit and remove Payment Options at any time. Click the 'X' to the right of a payment option to delete. Click on the box to edit the payment option.

  7. Deleting Payment Options will not delete reporting of past payments taken and recorded. 

  8. Save

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