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Online booking allows you to accept bookings from your clients online at a time convenient to them. Customise client online booking forms and accept credit card payments at the point of booking.

Once you have set up online booking, you will have a unique link that you can then add to your website or social pages. This link when clicked will open up your branded online booking pages, your client (or new client!) can select the type of appointment they're after, select a team member and then select a booking time that suits the client. They then simply add some personal details like Name, email, phone and confirm the booking. 

You as the account owner will receive an email & in-app notification of the new booking. 

The booking won't be confirmed until you have manually accepted the booking and you do this from within your account. 

This gives you the chance to modify the booking, decline or accept. When you do, the client will get automatic confirmation by SMS, Email or both (as you select). 

Setting Up Online Booking
There is some initial information we need to set up online booking. 

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > Online Booking

  3. Select your Online Booking URL: This is unique to you and will form the unique URL for your online booking link. What about trying your business name, a term unique to your business or something memorable & inspirational to your team members, clients or you!

  4. Select Business: Select your online booking business if you have more than one business connected to your Better Clinics account.

  5. Select Location: Select your location from the dropdown menu if you have more than one business connected to your Better Clinics account.

  6. Set online booking intervals: Select the time intervals that will be shown to clients when they are selecting appointment times when booking online. E.g. if you want bookings on the hour only, select ‘On the hour’.

  7. Gap between bookings: Select the time gap between bookings. If you want no gaps between bookings (back-to-back), select ‘No Gap (0 min)’. Once selected, the booking options shown to clients will be your latest appointment finish time + the gap selected. E.g if you have scheduled appointment with a 1:00pm finish time and a ‘5 min Gap’ set, the next available booking option for the client would be 1:05pm.

  8. Choose a brand colour: Choose a colour that reflects your brand - you can change this at any time.

  9. New Booking Notification: Add an email address. When a new online booking is made by a client an email will be sent to this email address. Comma seperate email addresses if you want the notification to be sent to multiple addresses.

  10. Upload logo: this logo will appear in the header of your online booking pages - this is a great branding opportunity

  11. Label for location: Change the location label to suit your business, your clients will see this when they make an online booking

  12. Client First Visit Information: if a client selects that this is their first visit, the information added here will be displayed to them on the screen. This is a useful time to thank them, give some directions, tell them what to expect and what they need to bring. 

  13. Returning Client Information: if a client selects that they are a returning client you can welcome them back. 

  14. Online Booking Confirmation: Once a client has made a booking online they will be shown a final confirmation screen. You can customise content that they see on this page.

  15. Confirmation Message Title: this might be a thank you e.g. Thank you for your booking

  16. Confirmation Message: you can thank them again, include details of your business, the experience they will have, and get them looking forward to visiting you for their appointment.

  17. Button Text: Custom button text. e.g. Visit our Website or "Check Us on Instagram'

  18. Website Address: You can add a link here to your Website or Instagram pages

  19. Save

Set Your Opening Hours
Of course, you only want to accept online bookings for the hours your business is open. Or you might want to limit online booking for certain days or hours within a day. It's up to you but you do need to set up your opening times, this will them make appointments available within these time frames (as long as you're not already fully booked out!).

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > Online Booking > Opening Hours. 

  3. On this screen you will have hours management for each location you have. To adjust, simply click 'Edit Hours' button, update the 'To' and 'From' hours that you would like to accept bookings

  4. Save.

Set Your Team Availability
Now that your opening hours are set up, you need to set your team availability. Like opening hours, you only want clients to book appointments when your staff are available and working. 

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > Online Booking > Team Availability. 

  3. On this screen you will have all your team members. To adjust, simply click 'Edit Hours' button, update the 'To' and 'From' hours that each team member is available to accept bookings

  4. Save Hours

Select Appointments Available for Online Booking
Before you limit appointment types to each team member you need to select which appointments you want available for clients to book online. You might not want them all.

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > Online Booking > Products. 

  3. You will see a list of products for selection. Select which appointments you want

  4. Save

Modify Appointment name for Online Booking

If you would like your clients to see a different product name when booking online, you can adjust the name and description of your appointments. This feature allows you to have an internally referenced name and a friendlier client product name for online booking.

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > Products

  3. Select the product/appointment you would like to re-name for online bookings.

  4. In the 'More Details' box, choose your desired online booking product name and description by writing in the appropriate text-boxes.

  5. Save

Select Appointments Available By Team Member for Online Booking
Now that you have set your online booking appointments you need to set available appointments up for each team member. You don't want your Physio booked in for a massage appointment or vice versa.

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > Online Booking > Team Availability. 

  3. Find your team member

  4. Select Manage Products

  5. Select the products you would like to make available to clients when booking online for each team member. e.g. Only make Massage bookings available online with your massage therapists 

  6. Save

Get Your Unique Online Booking Link
By now you have successfully configured your online booking settings, confirmation page, opening hours, team availability, your online booking appointment types and allocated each team member's appointment types.

To get your online booking link:

  1. Go here 

  2. Or go to Settings > Online Booking

  3. 'Preview' your online booking pages using button 'Preview' top right 

  4. 'Get Booking Link' is next to the 'Preview' and you will see a booking link within the pop up. You can copy this link to add to your website or social pages. You can also copy the button code and paste it into your website as HTML. We find linking from a website button or image is best.

Set up Online Booking payments with Better Clinics Stripe Integration

Streamline the online booking process for clients and ensure cash flow by setting up payments for appointments booked online. Set up Stripe Integration for Online Bookings >

Add Fields to Online Booking Form

For new clients, you can add custom booking form fields. This allows capture of important client information like Date of Birth, or pre existing injuries. Create a custom booking form:

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > Online Booking > Manage > Messaging

  3. Click the 'Customise Booking Form' button in the first box under the heading 'Customise booking form'.

  4. This will launch the online booking field options. The first box includes default fields to include. The following boxes display additional fields to include on your online booking form. The last box gives you the option to add custom database fields for your business. To edit or add more custom fields click the pencil icon/manage button on the far right hand side of the box. You can add more categories and edit the current default fields.

  5. On the online booking field options page, to include the suggested field select the tick box on the left hand side, a green tick will appear. To make the field mandatory to complete by clients when booking online, select the tick box on the far right hand side.

  6. Click 'Next'

  7. Order the fields as you want them to appear on the online booking screen. Drag the fields to order.

  8. Save.

  9. Once saved, this form will be included on the Online Booking page and will be completed by clients.

  10. When clients complete the form, the data they enter will be saved against the new client's details record.

Add a Product image to your Online Booking pages

You can add an image against each appointment type so that this then displays in the client online booking pages when they select that appointment.

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > Product List

  3. Select an appointment product to add an image to

  4. Down the bottom of the page there is setting labeled 'Display product image in Online Booking'.

  5. Select this setting to display an image. Or deselect if you don't want an image to display to clients.

Business is now open 24/7. All the best with your client online booking. 

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