We have 5 plans, starting at $19 / month.

Every plan includes all our features so regardless of the plan you can be confident you're covered - marketing, appointments, client management including client notes, reporting and all our integrations.

Reliable & Trusted

Reliable & Trusted Backed by Reckon, an ASX Listed company with over 30 years experience in the software industry.

Safe & secure

You own your own data and we store it safely in Australia with multiple layers of firewall to ensure your data is protected.

Free data migration

Want to move to Better Clinics? Simply send us your customer or product list in excel format and we’ll do the rest – for free!

Free Support

We’re always here to help you with free chat, email and phone support. It’s included in every plan.

Better Clinics Plans

STARTER - Perfect if have a boutique client list or just starting out

$19 AUD per month (less than $5 a week)
50 Clients
1 Team Member access (you)

10 POS sales per month

SOLO - Perfect if you are running your own business

$39 AUD per month (less than $10 a week)
Unlimited Clients
1 Team Member access (you)

HUDDLE - Hired a few staff and growing?

$49 AUD per month ((less than $12 a week)
Unlimited Clients
3 Team Member access

SQUAD - Success! You're managing a whole team

$69 AUD per month (less than $16 a week)
Unlimited Clients
10 Team Member access (that works out to $6.90 per team member!)

SUPER - Perfect for a large teams & established multi-business clinics

$149 AUD per month (less than $35 a week)
Unlimited Clients
40 Team Member access (that works out to less than $3.80 per team member!)


SMS is charged at $AUD 0.15 per SMS credit sent. An SMS is 159 characters long.  If your SMS is longer than 159 characters, it will be delivered to your customers as a single continuous SMS but will use an additional 1 SMS credit for every additional 159 characters. When sending SMS it's best to avoid using paragraphs and keep them short.   

Point of Sale (POS)

STARTER plan has 10 POS sales per month

Each plan includes one POS register

Add an additional register for $29 AUD per month

30 Day Free Trial

Start by completing a 30 day free trial. Upon completion of your trial, select a plan that is most suitable to your business - this should factor in the number of clients, team members and locations. If you select a plan that does not account for the amount of data you have, you will be asked deactivate your data. You have the option to select whether you would like monthly or yearly plans.

Learn more about our Pricing on our website.

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