Changing Plans

Plans can be updated in real time, here's how

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We know the plan you start out on most likely will change as your requirements change, clinic grows or scales back. 

For this reason you can manage your billing directly from your account in real time without needing to reach out to us (but we're always here if you need us). 

If you are ending your trial and wanting to sign up you can select the best plan for you at any stage during or after your trial. 

If you're a customer and want to change your plans it's fast and painless.

Change your Plan

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > Billing

  3. Within the plan boxes you'll see your 'Current Plan' highlighted by the green badge

  4. Plans can either be Monthly or Annual (annual gets a 10% discount)

  5. Select the plan that best suits you e.g. Squad Annual

  6. Confirm plan selection

  7. If you are upgrading plans you will be shown a pro-rata calculation and you'll only have to pay the upgrade price. Your plan end date will not change.

  8. Upon confirmation you have now been upgraded or downgraded. 

Note: Any payments due for upgrading your plans is paid on the stored credit card on file and you will be emailed an invoice.

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