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Other Appointment Types
Other Appointment Types

Create unlimited 'other appointments' your own, to use when making non-client appointments.

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In your calendar, Better Clinics allows you to add your own non-client appointment types. By default, Better Clinics offers you Personal, Break, Leave, and Meeting as other appointment times for team members to use.

Using the other appointment type feature is a great way to clearly set breaks for your team members or even set weekly meetings! Differentiating between client appointment types and team-member appointment types will assist in organizing team-member schedules.

For example, your business might want to add; In Service, Team Meeting, Client Debrief, and Client Handover. You can add any personal appointment type you want in Better Clinics. 

To Add Other Appointment Types:

  1. Go here

  2. Or go to Settings > Calendar > Other Appointment Types

  3. The 'Other Appointment Types' box is located on the bottom right-hand side of the settings page.

  4. Personal, Break, Leave and Meetings have been added by default.

  5. Click the red '+Add' button.

  6. A new row will appear below the previously listed appointment types. Add the name of the new appointment type in the box.

  7. Save

Once added, this new type will be available to select when making any other, non-client appointments in your calendar.


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