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Create an Outstanding Invoice ready for client payment
Create an Outstanding Invoice ready for client payment

Request payment from clients with a professional PDF Invoice that includes sale items, provider numbers, custom content and your brand

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Better Clinics streamlines how you create and managed your invoices. Creating an invoice with outstanding balances and aesthetically pleasing PDF client invoices is easy, here's how:

  1. Launch the Payment popup (this is the screen that we create the invoice from and manage the details on it)

  2. Launch the Payment popup from an Appointment. Or the sales screen

  3. Go to the Calendar, click on the Appointment you want to create invoice for

  4. Take Payment

  5. The appointment details will be displayed. You can see the details of the appointment, click more to see Tax details. Modify the price by changing it in the Price window. 

  6. Add new Items to the sale. If you sell Merchandise to the customer along with the appointment, record that sale here. 

  7. Click '+ Items, select the Item, update the Quantity. 

  8. the Amount Due will be displayed at the bottom

  9. If the client has unpaid sales - either past sales or future appointments - you can view the list and add any of these to the same invoice. These past and future sales are 'Sales on Account'. 

  10. Take Payment. As you are created an unpaid invoice to give to your client for payment, don't record payment here. 

  11. Select the Provider Details to add to the Invoice

  12. Use 'Advanced Options' to add 'Custom Notes' to the invoice, 'Bill To Details' (invoice a 3rd party) or add 'Custom Fields'. 

  13. To create the Invoice as Unpaid, select a button option in the Invoice ribbon. 

  14. Invoice - records the sale with no payment & creates an unpaid PDF Invoice in the background. 

  15. Invoice + Email - records the sale, creates an unpaid PDF Invoice and emails it immediately to your client (you need to have their email address for this option).

  16. Invoice + Print - records the sale, creates an unpaid PDF Invoice, downloads it to your browser to you can print it immediately and give it to your client. 

  17. Once done, the popup will close. If the client has any more unpaid sales on their account, another summary screen will appear and you can create another invoice. 

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