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Using Colours for Appointments
Using Colours for Appointments

Set appointment colours based on confirmation status, paid status, type of appointment or team member

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Use booking colors to differentiate between practitioners or types of bookings, it's up to you. ย 

These are the ways colors can be set in Better Clinics.
This is the priority / hierarchical order:

  1. FIRST PRIORITY - Appointment confirmations (if appointment confirmations are turned on in settings and enabled for the given appointment, the client can reply with either a Confirm or Decline. The appointment confirmation colours as set in settings will take priority over all other appointment colour)

  2. SECOND PRIORITY - Paid colour status (if the user has a paid appointment status colour set, display the Paid colour status. This would not be displayed if the user has 2 way SMS on and the client replied with a Confirm/Decline response.

  3. THIRD PRIORITY - Product colour (if 2 way reply or paid colour is not set, display the product colour for an appointment if set for the product)

  4. FORTH PRIORITY - Team Member colour (if all of the above are not set or Active, then display the team member colour if one has been set by the user).

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