When you add an appointment to your calendar, you have an option to select if it’s a recurring appointment.

When adding an appointment tick the 'Recurring' checkbox on the new appointment screen.

The recurring option will show, a dropdown will appear. Choices will be ‘Daily’, ‘Weekly’, ‘Bi-weekly’, ‘3-weekly’, ‘4-weekly’ and ‘Monthly’. Another drop down is to choose how many times the recurring appointment will be from 2 – 30.

Once you have set the recurrence or this appointment, complete the other details for the appointment and Save.

When you edit an appointment in a series of recurring appointments, an 'Edit Recurring' popup will display. Select to edit all appointments in the recurrence or edit that single appointment.

If you edit all appointments, all will be updated accordingly. If you just edit the one appointment, just that single appointment will be updated with the new details.

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