There are several things that you can do on the client's screen. You can go to this screen by clicking the Clients tab.

You will see an option to export the client's list as CSV or IIF on the upper right side of the page. Just beside this dropdown is a red tab for adding a new client.

On the upper left part of the page, a dropdown will give you an option to browse 'ALL' the list, 'ACTIVE' and 'ARCHIVED'. The total number of clients per list will also appear.

There is a search bar located at the upper right part of the page where you can either search using the client's name or mobile.

A 'FILTER' option is also available to filter using 'Tag' or alphabetically.

The list of the clients will be shown in the order in which you like. You can choose if you would like to view by the First name, Last name, Email, Added Date (Oldest or Newest) or Client ID. This option is at the bottom part of the page.

Date of birth is what you will see below their names. You will be directed to another page if you click their names and detailed information about the client will show.

Next column after their name is status of the client's visit. (e.g. RECENT, DORMANT, NEW)

Next column is where it will be shown if there is a booked appointment for the client or none.

Next one is the amount of unpaid sales of the client and will show $0.00 if it's all paid.

Next one is the client's mobile number and will appear blank if the mobile number is not provided.

Next column is the client's email address, and again this will appear blank if the email address is not provided.

Next one would be icon/s for tags available to a client.

Next one is either an avatar of the client or their initials.

The last column is a tick box to delete, put the client on archive or merge to another client.

To merge clients, tick the box and click 'Merge'. A new screen will show to merge the clients. Select the client from your shortlisted clients that you would like to keep. Once you have selected the client to keep, click 'Merge' to move any notes, appointments, sales or invoices from clients listed on this screen to the selected client account.

You have the option to select how many clients will be displayed per page, which is at the bottom part of the page. Options will be 15, 25, 50 or 100 items per page.

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