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Free Appointments or Merchandise
Free Appointments or Merchandise

A quick guide to managing no cost items.

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If you have free consultations, or do contra, or include merchandise items along with the consults for free you can still manage their products by including them on your invoices, within online booking or managing inventory.

Set your product prices for each product in Settings:

  1. Click here

  2. Or go to Settings > Product List > Add Product

  3. Complete the components in the 'Product Details' box.

  4. In the 'Pricing & Tax' box, select the box to the left of 'No Cost'.

  5. The Price ($) and GST type will be greyed out once 'No Cost' is selected.

  6. Click 'Save'.

When you add this appointment to your calendar or online booking the price will be displayed as $0.00.

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