Cancellation Reasons can be very helpful to a clinic.

You can Cancel/Delete the appointment for the unpaid appointments only, and you can add the cancellation reason against this process.

Add the cancellation reasons:

  1. By deleting the Appointments
  2. By cancelling the appointments (You can Cancel the appointments without deleting it)

Create a cancellation reason that you can use when deleting /cancelling the appointment

  1. Go here
  2. Or go to Settings > Cancellation Reasons
  3. Just delete an appointment, No reason given, no need anymore, Feeling better, Sick, Away are standard
  4. Add more, click 'New Cancellation Reasons Options'
  5. Add more Cancellation Reasons types
  6. Save

You can cancel/ delete the appointment for the following cases

  1. Make an appointment from the calendar
  2. Add a sale from Sales
  3. Take an appointment directly from the Client page
  4. Take appointment from the waitlist
  5. Take an appointment from Online bookings

Delete/cancel an appointment from the calendar, sales screens, client page & waitlist

  1. Select the appointment you are deleting/cancelling
  2. Then you can see some buttons on the left bottom of the appointment screen
  3. Select the Delete or Cancel Button.
  4. Once you click on the Delete or Cancel button in the appointment screen, a popup 'Delete Appointment" with the title "Why did the client cancel?" is shown
  5. The dropdown contains the list of clients with a list of "Cancellation Reasons" for each one of them
  6. You can select any one of the reasons and Delete or Cancel the appointment.

Dropdown options -

• Just delete an appointment

• No reason was given

• Don't need anymore

• Feeling better

• Sick

• Away

• Custom Cancellation options can be added in settings

Delete/cancel appointments for Online booking

  1. First, you need to launch the Online booking settings page
  2. Once the page appears, complete the details from each tab like Settings, Opening Hours, Product, Team Availability
  3. You can get the online booking link from getting Booking Link button and provide to the client
  4. Then your customer can use the online booking link for booking the appointment.
  5. The customer can select the location, Consultant, Date for the appointment from the online booking wizard itself.
  6. Go to Pending bookings from Sales and Confirm it
  7. Select the Currently confirmed appointment 
  8. Then you can see some buttons at the bottom of the appointment screen
  9. Select the Delete Button.
  10. Once you click on the DELETE/CANCEL button in the appointment screen, show a new screen popup 'Delete Appointment' screen With the title "Why did the client cancel?" 
  11. This will show the client/s in the appointment and a dropdown under each client with a list of 'Cancellation Reasons'
  12. You can select any one of the reasons and delete the appointment.


Know why clients cancel their appointments by adding the cancellation reasons and set follow up activities accordingly:

  1. Go here.
  2. Or go to Settings > Cancellation Reasons
  3. Click 'New Cancellation Reason'

You can add unlimited cancellation reasons and can delete except the seven default cancellation reasons.

Cancellation Report

Go to the here

You can select the Cancellations under the Calendar reports.

This report shows all the deleted and cancelled appointments and associated cancellation reasons.

You can get the following information by clicking the Download button: Client Name, Product, Cancellation Reason, Amount $, Location, Team Member, Booking Date, Booking Time, Type as the excel file.

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