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Medical Alerts

Set & view Medical Alerts for Patients

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It's important to know what medical alerts clients have when they come into the clinic. This helps the you and the wider team know what they need to be aware of.

Better Clinics has Medical Alerts.

The Alerts feature can also be used for other type of Alerts like overdue accounts, patient reminders or items now available for pickup.

How to add & edit Alerts:

  1. Click here

  2. Or, go to 'Clients'

  3. Search and select the Client you want to add the Alert to

  4. On the left-hand side, see the 'Alerts' text box

  5. Add the details to the 'Alerts' text box

  6. 'Save'

  7. Once the Alert has been added, a Red 'Alert' Pill will display throughout where this client is displayed. You'll see it on these screens:

  • Client > Client Details (will appear at the very top next to the client's name)

  • Client > Clinical Notes (appears at the top of clinical notes)

  • Appointment (If 1 patient appointment it appears next to the client name only, group client appointment it will show against each client with an alert and a Alert notification at the top of the appointment screen)

  • Appointment Popup (next to the client name)

  • Appointment > Client List (when selecting clients for the appointment, will display against clients with an alert)

Read and Alert

To view the Alert, hover to display the Alert details, on mobile click the Alert text to display.

Edit an Alert

Editing the Alert is easy, just find the client, edit the Alert text and Save. The Alert will update.

Delete an Alert

To delete an Alert, find the client, remove the Alert text and Save. The Alert will be removed.

Alert Reporting

Any Alert adding to clients are included in the Better Clinics Client Export for sorting and filtering.

Tip: In addition to adding Alerts to specific clients, also add broad category Tags to clients to easy filter clients for identification, reporting and messaging.

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