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Tyro Health (Medipass) Integration: Payments
Tyro Health (Medipass) Integration: Payments

Integrate Medipass using Better Clinics to accept credit card, Medicare, HICAPS and DVA payments

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Connect Better Clinics to Tyro Health (formerly Medipass) to process Medicare and health fund claims and payments on-the-spot digitally, so you can get paid faster!

Why connect Better Clinics to Tryo Health?

The Better Clinics + Tyro Health integration offers a seamless claim and payment experience, making it easy for your business to get paid quickly.

Once connected, you can process card payments digitally without needing an EFTPOS terminal (in person or remotely) resulting in payments on the spot, faster transactions, fewer errors, and a better customer experience.

Create, process and track Medicare and Private Health Insurance claims digitally, directly within your Better Clinics software โ€“ wave goodbye to manual processes and say hello to simple and efficient claiming!

Learn how to use Tyro Health & Better Clinics

Connect Better Clinics to Medipass

  1. Sign In, or Sign Up for Better Clinics

  2. Go to the Better Clinics Integrations page

  3. Find the Medipass Integrations tile, add the Medipass API keys, and click SAVE

Kindly refer to this article to find your API Key:

Medipass Appointment / Services Configuration

When processing payments using Medipass we'll need to include item numbers so we'll need to add them against any appointment or service you need to claim for.

  1. Go to Products list

  2. Select a Product (service) to then configure the item numbers for

  3. Add a default item number for processing with Medipass payments:

    1. Assign a HICAPS Item Number

    2. Assign a Medicare Item Number

    3. Assign a DVA Item Number

    4. Note: you can also add a custom option for each: Add the Item Name & Item Code

  4. Once completed, click SAVE

Client Configuration

When processing payments using Medipass we'll need to include & share certain client details, these need to be added against the clients that you need to claim for.

  1. Go to Clients

  2. Select the client to add the required claiming details

  3. After integrating with Medipass, in the client details section there is a Medipass panel.

  4. Add the clients:

    1. Medicare Card Number

    2. Medicare Reference Number

    3. DVA File Number

  5. Click SAVE

Processing Medipass payments in Better Clinics

  1. Once Medipass is enabled in Integrations, Item Numbers are added to your Products (Services) and client details are populated, you can start accepting payments using Medipass.

  2. The available Medipass payment methods are:

    1. Medipass - credit card

    2. Medipass - Medicare

    3. Medipass - HICAPS

    4. Medipass - DVA

  3. Select an appointment for payment, click PAY / INVOICE.

  4. Once the appointment is ready for payment, select the Medipass payment option you'd like to use

  5. On selection, click to the payment option logo to confirm.

  6. On clicking the logo and confirming, a popup will display with pre-filled details

  7. Confirm the details, or add the required details according to the payment option selected.

  8. Click NEXT, this will send the the payment details to Medipass for processing.

  9. Complete the payment steps.

  10. Once the payment is successful, the Better Clinics payment screen will update and the Medipass payment details will be included on the Client Invoice.

  11. You can review the Invoice at any time and view any Medipass payments on the Payment Report.

  12. Available Funds: HICAPS - see this Medipass HICAPS features page for available health funds.

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