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Completing the checklist makes setting up your account easy!

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The Better Clinics checklist for setting up your account is displayed on the insights page. It provides you with a list of all the components required to set up your Better Clinics account.

The checklist consists of 5 tasks to complete and they do not need to be completed in order. These include; Setup Clinic, Add Appointments, Add Merchandise, Add Clients, and Add Team Members. Clicking on the name of the task will take you to the page to complete the task. Once the task has been completed it will automatically tick the task off your checklist!

Utilize the BetterClinics Helpdesk if you have difficulty navigating our Better Clinics page or completing the tasks on the checklist. Instructions for setting up your Better Clinics account can be found under the 'How to' section of our Helpdesk.

Complete the checklist items:

  1. Setup Clinic: Add a logo, Address, and Trading name

  2. Add Appointments: Add an appointment-type product

  3. Add Merchandise: Add a merchandise-type product

  4. Add Clients: Add a client to your account

  5. Add Team Members: Add a team member to your account

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