Booking Changelog

View and audit your booking changes.

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Access your booking changelog to view and audit the details of bookings that have been changed. The booking changes will be listed in rows. Changelog entries will only be stored for 60 days. Entries over 60 days will be deleted and won’t be included on the Changelog table.

  1. Go here

  2. OR Go to Settings > Audit > Booking Changelog

  3. Filter the contents of your changelog by using the dropdown menus in the banner

    1. First dropdown - Booking Status: Booked, Modified, Cancelled, Deleted or Cancelled & Deleted

    2. Second dropdown - Team Members

    3. Third dropdown - Booking Type: Client, Other, or Online

    4. Date Picker. Select the date or date range and click submit

  4. First Column - The date and time the change was made

  5. Second Column - The booking status

  6. Third Column - Booking date and time

  7. Fourth Column - Booking type

  8. Fifth Column - Team member the appointment is with

  9. Sixth Column - The team member who made the appointment

  10. Seventh Column - Client and link to the client details page

  11. Eighth Column - Icon linked to the booking

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