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Add a Non-Client Appointment (Add other/personal bookings to the Better Clinics calendar)
Add a Non-Client Appointment (Add other/personal bookings to the Better Clinics calendar)

Learn how to add non-client appointments to your calendar

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You can have both client & 'other' appointments in your Better Clinics calendars. This post is about non-client appointments. Learn more about Client Appointments. Better Clinics supports one-off and recurring non-client appointments. 

Using the other appointment type feature is a great way to clearly set breaks for your team members or even set weekly meetings! Differentiating between client appointment types and team-member appointment types will assist in organizing team-member schedules. Learn how to set up other appointment types here.


Add a Non-Client Appointment :

First, you need to launch the New Appointment popup, this can be done in 2 ways for other appointments:

  1. Go to Calendar, click on the date and time that you would like to make the appointment.

  2. Click '+ Quick Add' in the top left-hand corner of Better Clinics, and select 'Appointment' (this button has been placed here so you can always get to it quickly from anywhere!)

Once the appointment pop-up has been launched, complete the details on the form, 'Save' appointment and you're done! (See Definitions below for further details).

Add Reoccurring Appointments

Better Clinics allows you to book recurring appointments for your non-client appointments.

  1. Once you click on the appointment time, the New Appointment pop will launch

  2. Once you click on the appointment time, the New Appointment popup will launch

  3. Select Clinic, Team Member, Appointment Type (Other), select from the dropdown menu, and determine the duration.

  4. Select the 'Recurring' checkbox.

    1. From the first dropdown menu, select whether the appointment is to occur ‘Daily’, ‘Weekly’, ‘Bi-weekly’, ‘3-weekly’, ‘4-weekly’, and ‘Monthly’.

    2. From the second dropdown menu, select how many times you would like the appointment to occur.

  5. Once you have set the recurrence or this appointment, complete the other details for the appointment and Save.

Editing Appointments

  • Go to the Calendar

  • Edit or reschedule appointments by clicking on the appointment and updating the details (Team member, date, time, product).

  • Or, you can drag the existing appointment to the new date and time, and click. You will be asked to confirm the change of appointment time.

To edit or reschedule an appointment:

  1. Click on the appointment in the calendar you would like to edit

  2. The Appointment Summary pop-up with a display

  3. Click on Edit, edit the details of the appointment

  4. Save

Tip: When editing reoccurring appointments, you can select either Edit Single Appointment Only or Edit All Reoccurring Appointments.

Definitions (Navigating the Appointment Box)

  • "Team Member"

    • Select the team member you are booking. Simply select the staff member who will be covering this appointment.

  • "Type"

    • Select between "Other" or "Client" Appointments. You can block out times for breaks or meetings easily

  • "Other"

    • Using the dropdown menu, select the other appointment type.

  • "Colour"

    • Use booking colors to differentiate between practitioners or types of bookings, it's up to you. When setting up team members you can choose a default color for the calendar. Learn more >

  • "Appointment duration"

    • You can put how many hours or minutes the appointment is going to last by choosing from the dropdown.

  • "Date"

    • Use the date picker or manually enter the date in the date field.

  • "Time"

    • Use the "Hour", "Minute" & "AM/PM" dropdowns to select the appointment time.

  • "Recurrence"

    • You can create multiple recurring bookings at the same time. If one appointment, they have Recurrence Off, if you want to set more than one appointment select how regularly you want the recurrence to happen, either daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

  • "Notes"

    • This is not a mandatory field but is handy if you have notes that you want to add to the booking, want to record the practitioner or any number of comments.

  • You can then "Save" your appointment and it will now appear in your calendar click Save & Pay and this will take the user through to the Record Payment screen.

You can then Save your appointment and it will now appear in your calendar.

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