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Learn how to invoice someone other than your client

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Sometimes you'll need or want to invoice a 3rd party for a client appointment, set of appointments or merchandise you've sold. e.g. an insurance company for workers compensation claims & services. You can do this with Better Clinics. 

Invoice a 3rd Party from the Pay/Invoice screen.

Invoice a 3rd party when the services & merchandise have been rendered and the client has unpaid sales.

  1. Select the sale you want to create the invoice for.

  2. Click 'Pay/Invoice'

  3. Complete all the details to be included on the invoice such as the payment method and provider.

  4. Click the 'Advanced Options' button and select "'Bill To' Details" from the dropdown menu.

  5. 'Add New Billing Details' popup will display

  6. Select the contact you want to invoice, confirm the details are correct

  7. Click Save. The billing contact will be listed in the banner on the payment screen beside the client's name.

  8. Complete the invoice creation steps by clicking the 'Invoice' button. The details as selected on the 'Update Billing Details' screen will appear on the invoice, along with the client details so the 3rd party know who the services and merchandise was provided to.

Fields to include on the 3rd Party Invoice

Select what billing contact fields to include on the billing contact invoices.

  1. Go to Clients > Billing Contacts

  2. Click '+Add Contact' or select a pre-existing billing contact to edit.

  3. Use the tick boxes on the right hand side to select the billing contact fields you want displayed on the client invoice when creating a 3rd party invoice.

  4. Save.

Set Default 3rd Party Biller for Client's

If you would like to Invoice the same 3rd Party for a particular client, you can do so by making them the default biller in the client's invoice settings.

  1. Go to the Clients > Select the Client > Client Details Page

  2. Click the red 'Invoice Settings' button.

  3. Select the default billing contact from the dropdown menu to display as default when creating invoices for this client. Learn how to Add a Billing Contact for 3rd Party Invoicing here.

  4. On this popup you can also select the client fields you wish to appear on the invoice by ticking the checkboxes.

  5. Save.

On the Pay/Invoice pop-up screen, the 3rd Party Biller will be visible in the banner and be the default for any sale for that client. If you don't want the 3rd Party Biller to be invoiced for a particular sale, click the bin icon next to the biller's name in the banner.

Email 3rd Party Biller Directly from Pay/Invoice Screen

Once a default 3rd Party Biller has been set for a client, you can choose to email the invoice to them and/or the client from the Pay/Invoice Screen.

  1. Launch the Pay/Invoice screen for a sale

  2. Complete all invoice details

  3. Click 'Email'

  4. An Email Invoice pop-up will appear, use the checkboxes on the right hand side to select if you would like the invoice to be sent to the client email and/or the billing contact email.

  5. Click Send.


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