Note taking is an essential part of running a health clinic. Being able to quickly add and secure notes against team members, clients or appointments is a must have. Better Clinics allows you to do all of this plus a little more. Here's how. 

Client Notes
Adding note detail against a client is fast and easier. 

  1. Search for the client 
  2. Click 'Notes'
  3. Add the details
  4. Click 'Save'.
  5. The notes will saved against this client for recall at any time across any device.

Clinical Notes
Clinical notes are a must have, here's how:

  1. Search for the client 
  2. Click 'Notes'

In Better Clinics there is New Note and Read Note.

New Note: Add a new typed note, note template, attachment or Bodychart.

Read Note: Read any existing notes on the client file.

  1. Adding notes is easy. Click 'New Note' (this is by default). Type in the note for Text Notes, Click Save.
  2. Select the client for the note. When in the client file, click NOTES tab.
  3. Select Team Member writing the note. By default this will show the logged in user. However as some clinics share logins (e.g. Reception) if a team member is on a shared device they can select their name for the note. This allows for flexible clinic arrangements.
  4. Date of Note: (default is today, this can be edited if the note was for an appointment on a different day, or can also be edited later). If the team member edits a draft note or final note the date will display as originally saved against the note.
  5. Episode: Create a new episode or select from an existing client episode. Episodes in health care are a series of appointments or treatment events for an injury. Therefore when a note is added, the note can be assigned to an Episode. Assigning a note to an is optional.
  6. Add a new Episode: Click 'Add new'. Add Episode name, date, description and tags/categories. Save
  7. Notes have Autosave. When typing Better Clinics will autosave a new note - both text notes or note templates. These are saved as DRAFT until they are saved as FINAL.
  8. DRAFT vs FINAL NOTES - Draft notes can be saved and then can be edited easily before they are finalised and marked as final. Final notes have been marked as FINAL and are locked. To unlock Final notes, if Note Authentification is on in Settings, the password of the Team Member who wrote them will be needed to unlock them before editing. This is a note security feature of Better Clinics.
  9. SEARCH & FILTER SIDEBAR for READ NOTES: Within the sidebar filter notes by Team Member or Episode.


Use the Better Clinics Bodychart library, add your own and mark up bodycharts on any device to keep accurate bodychart annotations for all clients and appointments.

How to use Bodycharts:

  1. Select a Client > Notes
  2. New Note > Bodychart
  3. Select Team Member, Date and Episode like any other note format
  4. Select from the Better Clinics Bodychart image library or add a new image to use for this client.

Appointment Notes
If you want or need to add some detail about a particular appointment you can add an Appointment Note directly to the calendar. When you do, this will also be added to the client notes section so you've got a track on it at any time. 

  1. Search for the appointment or add a new one
  2. Add notes in the 'Notes' text section
  3. Click 'Save'
  4. The note will be saved against the appointment and the client.  

Team Handover Notes
Team member communications between therapists is critical for a smooth running clinic. Better Clinics has Team Handover notes where a central noticeboard can be used to communicate handover notes to each team member. This might be on clients, meetings, business operations etc. 

  1. Go to Day View in the calendar 
  2. Each Team Member has their own column. 
  3. At the top of each column there is a Note Pad icon in the colour Grey. 
  4. Click on the 'Note Pad' Icon
  5. A pop up will display, add your notes. 
  6. Click 'Save'. 
  7. The note will be added to the Team Member column as selected. 
  8. When a note is there it will appear RED. 
  9. Click at any stage to Read, Edit or Delete.

Attachments & Uploads
Adding images, photos, documents can be done in Better Clinics. We have secure uploads. Learn more about attachments and uploads > 

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