With Better Clinics Invoicing you can -

  • Include multiple services (with different service dates) and merchandise items on the one invoice
  • Pay invoices in full
  • Pay invoices in part payments or installments, record different payments dates according to when the payment was made
  • Edit invoices - the items on them or the payments that recorded against them
  • Void & Delete existing invoices
  • Add any payment methods accepted & record these on invoices
  • Pay invoices online. Allow clients to pay invoices online with a PAY NOW button using Stripe
  • Add past or future unpaid appointments or merchandise items onto the single invoice for payment or presentation to the client.
  • Client accounts; allow clients to work up a 'tab' before they pay for their services.
  • Accounting Integrations - integrate with Xero, Reckon One, Quickbooks Online or IPA Books+ to share income, tax and revenue streams from payments recorded on Better Clinics invoices
  • Brand invoices for a professional appearance
  • Email Invoices as a branded PDF directly to the client from Better Clinics payment window
  • Pay Invoices with single click 'Rebook' button to make rebooking lightening quick
  • Include product descriptions to make client invoices more informative
  • Add Provider or registration numbers
  • Add Bank Details for direct deposit payment
  • Record any client discounts applied to invoices
  • if you have linked appointments, the linked appointments will appear on the invoices
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